Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

The elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, are on display in Yellowstone National Park. But not quite in the obvious way. 

The fire is the huge magma chamber underneath the caldera which superheats the water into highly pressured steam which erupts with great violence in the geysers. The breeze blows with the smell of sulfur and pushes the steam around until it dissipates. 

I give you Old Faithful. 

And Grande Geyser

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Viewing the upcoming solar eclipse

I ran across this picture today, I took it back sometime in the 80s. I remember where I lived and that it was summer I think, but I don’t know what year it was. 

You know how all those spots of light under the trees are always round? Notice that these aren’t? The roundness you normally see is the shape of the sun. The spaces between the leaves act as a camera obscura and project the shape of the sun. When it is being eclipsed, the shape changes, like all these crescents. 

You can do this yourself, with two pieces of cardboard. Make a round hole in the center of one and let the sun shine through it onto the other. 

Or you can just go outside under a tree and watch the shapes of the light under it. 

Remember, even when it seems dark enough to look directly at the sun, you can still suffer eye damage by looking at it except during the moment of complete totality of the eclipse. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage/Collagraph

This is something a little different, taking collage to another step. 

A collagraph is a printing technique where you make a collage and then use ink to print it. There’s more steps than that to it but you get the general idea. Here’s two examples of the collages and the resulting prints. The edges of the pieces collaged on hold ink when you wipe it clean, then transfer to the paper when you run it through a press. The print is always reversed from the collage. 

Here are the collages, the one on the left is called Garden District and the one on the right is Art House Film and that is actual 35mm film strips I used. This gives you a sense of scale, these aren’t very big. 

And the finished prints: 

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