Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

I’ve gotten a little behind on these, it’s time to do some catching up. 

I love the desert and especially when it rains. And when the rain gives me a rainbow, that’s just the finishing touch. The picture doesn’t do justice to the brilliance and vibrancy of the colors. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Ordinary

Rain in the desert is not like rain everywhere else. It can be abrupt, violent and over quickly. And very isolated to one place. That does make it easy to find the rainbow…if you know where the roads are and have 4-wheel drive to get through the mud that ensues. 

This one gave us nearly the whole arch of a double rainbow. Very faintly, and it was easier to see in person. 




Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

this week we are challenged to show our Muse, the thing that we keep coming back to photograph over and over. For me, that is the world. Mother Nature, Mother Earth, this tiny blue marble we call home. 

Yesterday evening, we had another of those rainstorms that breaks up just in time to provide a spectacular sunset. And even the sky was bursting out with rainbows yesterday. 

You can’t really see the colors in the second one, but you can see the faint arc of light. It was more vivid in person. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY.G.BIV

ROY.G.BIV stand for the colors of the rainbow that we learned in art class in grade school: 








That worked for me until I started studying photography and working in a photo lab. The colors of light are a different thing almost entirely. This photo illustrated the actual colors of the rainbow diffracted through a crystal in my window.   


At the bottom left, there’s your red, then yellow, green, cyan, and blue to the top right. The three primaries are red, green, blue. If you were to overlap the red and blue, you would get magenta. So, no matter how many colors you think you are seeing in the sky, this is what you are actually seeing.