Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

Taking pictures of the night sky takes careful preparation, you have to know exposure going in, and have a tripod. You must also try a shot or two just to get framing right. And if you want to illuminate any of the foreground, you have to have a light and decide what to shine it on and for how long.
An then, there’s what to do with it in the computer once you have taken the shot. That’s where I don’t have all the details and knowledge. But, this is the best I know how to do right now, and I think it turned out well.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Ordinary

Rain in the desert is not like rain everywhere else. It can be abrupt, violent and over quickly. And very isolated to one place. That does make it easy to find the rainbow…if you know where the roads are and have 4-wheel drive to get through the mud that ensues. 

This one gave us nearly the whole arch of a double rainbow. Very faintly, and it was easier to see in person.