I relived a childhood memory today.

An unexpected storm rolled through this evening. The hubby and I watched it for a while from the open garage door. The wind whipping, rain falling hard, cold water falling on our feet, warm air at our backs from the heated car behind us.

When I was a kid, when the worst of the storm was past, I was allowed to go out and play in the remaining rain falling.

I did that today and it was grand.

The light was getting brighter and rain was slacking off, torrents of water were rushing down the street. Rain falling on my head and I went out in the street and splashed and danced and got all rained on. It was glorious.

My hair will still be damp when I go to bed but I will have the memory of having danced in the rain. And that is priceless.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Ordinary

Rain in the desert is not like rain everywhere else. It can be abrupt, violent and over quickly. And very isolated to one place. That does make it easy to find the rainbow…if you know where the roads are and have 4-wheel drive to get through the mud that ensues. 

This one gave us nearly the whole arch of a double rainbow. Very faintly, and it was easier to see in person.