Quiet Thursday, Story Prompt

One of the blogs I follow is http://leannecolephotography.com
She offered a story prompt featuring a picture this morning and within a few hours of distracted thinking, I had come up with this story.
The photo is



He was old. No dithering about it. And some days, he felt every day of it. Like today. 93 years was a long time to spend on this planet. He had been blessed most of his life with excellent health but lately he just had been feeling not quite all here.
He smiled reading the headline, thinking of the granddaughter who worked with the animal rescue people, what were they called? Well, never mind. It would come to him later. His wife would have been proudest of that one, she had a weak spot for the furry ones too.
His wife…ah he missed her with a pain just there. Sometimes he could almost hear her call his name from the other side of the house.
He sighed and took another nibble of his crumpet and then sipped his tea. He didn’t indulge very often but the crumpets had looked so good in the coffee shop window today, he couldn’t resist. And the perfectly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea to go with them. She had always gently laughed at his “English habit” as she called it. It was left over from his days in England during the war.
He took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. The room seemed to be getting dim. He reminded himself he really needed to call the tree people and see about getting a couple of limbs trimmed from that tree to let light back into the kitchen. They had planted that tree when their first son was born. Well, he had dug the hole and planted the tree while she stood there with the baby in her arms looking all kinds of proud. She was so beautiful. There were two other trees in the front yard, too. And an azalea under each of them for each grandchild. He hadn’t decided how to commemorate the great-grands yet, but there were two on the way.
The room seemed to be getting even dimmer, must be clouds coming in.
There it was, he could hear her calling his name again. Only this time, it was louder like she was walking toward him. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, just like she used to do.
“Honey, it’s time”. He looked up. She was every bit as beautiful as he remembered. He rose and went with her.

By the time they found him, the tea was long since gone cold. But the smile and peaceful look on his face told all.