Friend, gone

Ever get news that just tore you up?
A friend you knew way back when, BFF ‘s back in elementary school, you hugged and said I miss you when you saw her but lived too far apart to really re establish that friendship. You follow each other on Facebook but that’s all the connection you have left.
And then.
She is diagnosed with cancer. Fights the battle and comes out alive. Yay!
And then.
There’s a spot on her lung. It’s the cancer, alive again in a different place.  It’s  serious but there’s still time. But there isn’t.

Couple of weeks later, there’s a trip to the emergency room and liters of fluid are drained from her chest and the cancer is advanced. It’s stage 4 lung cancer. So she goes to hospice expecting weeks or months stay there.

A little over one week later……..she’s gone.
It was all so fast….
She always envied me as the one who escaped the small town we grew up in and went on to better choices and a better life. She was wrong. She had children, grandchildren and worked as an EMT and made a difference in people’s lives there. I work at Walmart and I give occasional cooking advice and help people find things in the store. Nothing life changing. At all.
I know she had some hard times in her life that were the result of the choices she made but we all make some of those choices. And we deal with the result of those choices and move on.
So tonight, I cry for the friend I lost too early in life and hope her next journey is much smoother.
Dear Tammie, give my mom a hug when you see her in Heaven and tell her I love her. I miss you both. Love, me.