The cruel hands of time

Why take me back
To a better place in time
When I’ll end up again
In a place I don’t want to call mine.
The same choices provide
The same heartbreak
At the cruel hands of time.

If I could fast forward
Through the place where this ends,
Would it be better
When I begin again.
What would I have missed
Lost by the cruel hands of time.

The pieces are still there
But harder and harder to find.
I hate this disease
That wields it’s sword of loss with
The cruel hands of time.

Can I be blamed
For wishing a quick end
To the long goodbye
By the slow cruel hand of time.


Break the Routine

Yesterday we decided to do something different and get out of the house. So we drove over to a park on a local lake and sat and watched the water and a few boats. I found a bait box with a sticker on it I wanted so I picked up the box and kept it. A little later we saw an eagle try for and miss a fish and fly off. That was when I knew I had to do a journal page with the sticker. Here it is.