My view from here. 

White privilege
As a white middle class female, past child bearing age, the policies and executive orders of the current president probably won’t directly affect my life. But…

They will affect the lives of people I know. And that breaks my heart. 

I count as friends a couple of women who are married to each other. 

I count as friends half a dozen or so of homosexuals , both sexes. 

I count as a friend a transgender woman. 

I count as friends many Mexicans. 

I count as neighbors, Muslims. 

I have know women who have had abortions, and I understand their reasons and heartbreak.

I have known women who kept the child and have known heartbreak because of that. 

I have cousins who are adopted and are no less loved because of the choice their mothers made. 

But I do know every woman has every right to make that choice, one way or the other, and it is none of my business. 

I also know none of these things are reasons they should be considered as less than deserving to be treated as human beings. 

Ok, maybe I have a more diverse friend base than you but maybe you should try going out and getting to know people out of your comfort zone. You will find they are interesting to know and can give you a different view on the way things are. 

Because of this viewpoint, I am severely disappointed in the policies of the current administration. They have put a certain value on some people and a liability on others. They don’t see that the value is in our diversity and many viewpoints and many perspectives. 

All they value is the almighty dollar. 

And in valuing that currency, they wish to devalue fact based science. They are saying research is nothing and results are never to be shared. 
This is NOT 1940s Germany. The internet exists and information will get out. There is a gag order on the National Park Service, NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency, yet, people in those departments have gone rogue. They have established alternate sources of information and since they are not government controlled, they cannot be silenced. 

People are starting to stand up and say things have gone too far. Legal voices are starting to be heard. Petitions are being circulated to halt the nonsense. 

My opinion is that however long it takes will be too long. Things have been destroyed that will take a very long time to be repaired. If they can. 
And people still believe he’ll make their lives better. They live in a universe of alternative facts. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

In the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens are the Japanese Gardens. In the Japanese Gardens are several ponds, in the ponds are many koi of all colors. In the pond back by the tea house, is this one koi that stands out among all the rest. It’s actually a creamy white, the water is green which makes it look yellow here. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience 2

There’s a little Methodist church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas that is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve been in. It has a real pipe organ and there’s a fan in the basement that fills the bellows that make the organ sing. This picture was taken right before my Uncle Don’s funeral. I have memories of visiting my cousins when I was a kid and attending church here. There’s also a bell tower and we would climb up several stairs in the tower, grab the rope, ride it down and toll the bell after church. 

You can’t see it in this picture, but the stained glass windows are beautiful too. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambiance 

The Porch is an important gathering place in Terlingua. It’s actually the porch that runs most of the length of the Terlingua Trading Post and Starlight Theater. It’s an interesting blend of the locals and tourists and everything in between. In the evenings it can be a very lively place, sometimes in the afternoons and early evenings, you can find a jam session of local and out of town musicians going on. Rumor has it that Robert Plant joined in one day. 

Despite the sign “No Dogs on the Porch” there’s usually at least one dog there wandering up and down. The sign actually just applies to visiting dogs, the local dogs have their own society and pecking order. 

In daylight hours, there’s an incredible view of the Chisos Mountains in the national park. After dark, the entertainment is in the ambience of the lights of the Porch.