Grandma’s Christmas Box

Grandma’s Christmas Box
It starts with a box-
paper yellowed and tattered,
covered with stamps and stickers.
I open it and bring the memories out.

This glass spire, always on top
of Grandma’s tree,
this star, always right under.
This angel,
bought in San Antoinio.
this heart,
bought in Santa Fe.

A brass medallion, given a fresh shine,
bells bought when a kitten wanted to climb.
Hummingbird carved of cottonwood.

Ornaments hand made,
ornaments with years engraved,
ornaments from givers long gone.

I bring these friends out one by one,
remember from where they come.
Enjoy them till it’s time again
to go back in the box
until next year.


The stickers were from American Lung Association mostly, I don’t remember when or why they started going on the box but they date from the early 60’s to sometime in the late 70’s. (I wonder what year the one with the space man came from?)