Shadow cat

Shadow cat, chasing around the dark edges
Of the night time yard.
Following rustles and squeaks, green eyes
Glowing in the dark.
Frogs croak and creak
And declare their readiness
In the woods beside the house.
City noises quiet,
Shamed into silence
By life.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

This challenge is a bit trickier than most, it’s supposed to be about telling a story in one shot. This picture was taken in New Orleans, walking around the French Quarter. To me, this one tells several stories. I did not intentionally get myself in the reflection, but that’s one of the stories, me taking pictures of anything interesting I see. There’s a guy in the reflection looking at a motorcycle. Then there’s this defunct gallery with an empty easel, broken window and this creepy hooded figure holding something in a gloved hand. And a well-worn trumpet.