A Pirate’s Lullaby

Listen, love, and you will hear

The ocean’s lullaby.

The soothing sound

of waves rolling round

that murmurs to you and I.

The warm ocean breeze

with a soft gentle tease

inviting us to come dream:

of sailing ships and Pirates gold

and treasures of the sea.

A gull’s soft cry

sounds like a sad soul flying by,

fireflies try to outshine the moon.

Moonbeams shine and clouds hide

A silver path that slides

across the waves.

Come with me, love,

and follow that dream

all through the night,

until the sun’s morning light

Brings a new day.


I heard a whippoorwill call this morning before dawn. 

That song in the dark brought back memories,

Of being a child and hearing that song

Come in from the fields on summer’s evenings,

Walking along a dirt road with my parents, 

Cherokee roses and passionflowers blooming

On the barb wire fences

At the edge of the road. 

Of being on a camp out with a group from the church,

Where the river is so clear and cold,

You can barely swim in it.

The birds so loud outside the windows

We could barely sleep. 

Of living in a house on the edge of the city, 

And taking long walks away from town

And peering in the dusk into the woods,

Trying to see the source of the song,

The call and response of the birds. 
It’s a wild sound, here in the big city. 

It goes with the coyotes we hear sometimes,

And the owls that also decorate the dark hours

With their trills and hoots. 
It gives a country girl comfort to think

She hasn’t lost all the wild things

While surrounded by the big city. 

In the daytime, surrounded by too many voices,

The sound of too many motors moving 

On the roads and in the sky,

It gets too noisy. 

It takes the calm sounds of the night

To restore the soul.