Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

This one is going nowhere fast.

Big Bend National Park, in the village of Castolon.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

I love experimenting with my photos in several different apps on my iPad. Some pictures just lend themselves to this. Here’s some of my experiments.

This app is Glaze

This one is Pixlr

FX from Macphun


And Percolater.

I have lots of fun with my apps. They have all kinds of options and .you can achieve many different looks, the fun is in experimenting.

<a href=””>Experimental</a&gt;


Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Christmas Eve, we spent 3 hours driving east starting at sunset. This means I got to enjoy the full moon rising for all three hours. It was a very Zen experience watching the moon alternate between clear skies and dancing in the clouds.  

I only had my iPhone and we were moving so I didn’t get a good picture but maybe this gives the feeling of the bright moon and the misty clouds.