Pokemon Coincidence 

Interesting coincidence yesterday, I caught the Tauros Pokemon. 
Yes, I’m playing THAT game. I’ve caught a bunch of the normal ones and a couple of the less normal ones. Quite a few from the recliner in the living room. I’ve walked around the park, collecting supplies and I’ve got one egg that takes 10k of walking while the app is open to hatch. I’ve also collected a bunch of 5k eggs but I only have two incubators. 

Yesterday, I opened the app to see what I had in the way of supplies and the Tauros appeared in my living room. He seemed bad tempered but I was able to catch him with one throw. 
Yesterday would have been the 35th anniversary of my first marriage. It only lasted six and a half years and while it wasn’t all bad, it wasn’t all good either. We did have some good times and he taught me some valuable lessons. His sign was Taurus. He was stubborn, hard headed, there was his way and the wrong way even if there was a better way to do it. 
So that’s why I thought it was an interesting coincidence that that particular Pokemon showed up on that particular day. 


Crazy, lovely dream

When the alarm clock went off this morning, I wanted to shoot it….

Crazy dream

I went to a famous place to get my hair cut, when they finished, it was rocking awesome. They wanted to take some photos in a studio setup. I wanted them to do my makeup too, but they weren’t concerned. They took pictures and wanted to do another shoot. It was a nice place, outdoors, and they picked out a fancy dress for me to wear, red carpet ready. And I wore the average size, so any dress fit me. (:-D) Hair still fabulous. I was concerned about having no makeup but they reassured me that wasn’t a problem, hair was what it was all about. The dress was great, high heels to match, I was all that.
They took a few pictures, then brought in a male model to pose with me. He was an acrobat or dancer, that wiry, perfect body of an athlete that comes with movement and control. Six pack and everything. I was reclining and he did a flip and came to rest just brushing my chest. I moved my hands to touch his chest, with the perfect amount of chest hair. (It’s my dream, and I dream perfection) black hair, light skin, perfect teeth, vivid blue eyes. Your basic gorgeous male model, late 20’s, young, but old enough to be a man, not just a pretty boy toy. His name was never said.
He moved and I lightly placed my hands on his back. He was shirtless but wearing loose pants of some kind. As he bent (yes, bent down to me, me wearing high heels, lol) and brushed my lips with his, he asked me did I tweet. He wanted to keep touch with me. I told him, sadly, I was old school, I only did Facebook. And once had a Myspace account that I wasn’t sure had been properly cancelled. He sighed.
I knew that it was all pretend and anything between us was just posed for the cameras so I could enjoy his feathery touch without guilt.
I told him how to find me on Facebook  anyway.
I need a haircut.