Live Long and Prosper

And the Internet is blowing up again today with the passing of another famous person. In case you haven’t heard, Leonard Nimoy passed away today. He had COPD as a result of smoking many years ago. (Insert anti-smoking message here.) 
He first became a Big Name by being cast in the role of Mr. Spock in the sci-fi series Star Trek. I remember being very young and being scared by one of the episodes so I watched it from behind my daddy’s recliner, peeking out from time to time to see what I was listening to. I think the episode was Triskelion. 
When I was in High School, the episodes were in syndication and ran 30 minutes after I got home from school. Mama and I watched them every day and got to know them by episode name. I still remember some of the names. In my Senior year, we had 30 minutes of idle time in first period so my friend Greg and I would create quizzes for each other where we would ask questions about plot lines and stories, and the other would have to answer correctly with the episode name. I think most of my favorite episodes were where Spock played a major role. Of course, you never got attached to anyone wearing a red shirt because they would be gone by the end of the episode, except for Scotty, he was immune to personal disaster, he just stressed about his beloved engines. 
There was a long dry spell and then Star Trek movies started being made. I think my favorite was The Voyage Home which Nimoy directed and involved whales.
I didn’t really keep up with his directing career or his other ventures. Somewhere in there was a stage play I think it was, called “Dear Theo” where he played the brother of Vincent Van Gogh, talking to the audience in the character, reading Vincent’s letters and talking about his brother, the artist. 
He also wrote poetry. I assume at least some of them were published, but I haven’t found them. 

In recent years, he made a couple of appearances on Big Bang Theory, my favorite current TV show. There is a short video on Vimeo about his inspiration as a photographer.

He was so much more than Spock but that character followed him the rest of his life, a fact which annoyed him at first but he came to embrace later. 
Mr. Nimoy, you have passed the final frontier, death, that we all must pass through. You are exploring strange new worlds, and seeking out connections to family and friends who have gone before us. You have gone where every man must go and I hope you find peace and love on the other side.