Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Oak Alley is a plantation home on the River Road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The alley refers to a walkway from the Mississippi River levee to the front of the house. It was the main way from the river to the house. It goes between a double row of 28 live oak trees that are 300 years old.
Oak Alley


Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move 2

Window trail

When we were in the Big Bend area of Texas last fall, after the US Congress decided to finally get it’s stuff together and actually run the country, the park reopened. We went to the Basin and walked down the Window Trail. Cloud cover had been low and fog was still blowing up through the gap. It was a beautiful day and we were the first people on the trail since the government shutdown. One of those epic days to be remembered always.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Beaver's Bend

Ok, I know this one is a couple of days late, but I had to get on the computer to find this picture.

This is the dam at the lower end of the park at Beaver’s Bend State Park in Oklahoma. This is a beautiful place I remember coming to from childhood. It’s an hour north of the town I grew up in, DeKalb, Texas. I went there with my parents, church youth groups several times. We stayed in various cabins, group camp cabins, campgrounds and just went for the day to hike and play in/on the water which is VERY cold as it comes from the bottom of a deep lake, it’s trout fishing water.


Bucket List

Bucket list

You know what a bucket list is, right? Things you want to do before you kick the bucket.
I have already accomplished a few things on my list, I have taken a ride in a helicopter, gone SCUBA diving, been on a whale watching tour and saw 5 humpback whales.

Here’s the current list:
Live within sight of a living body of water, preferably the ocean.
Take a trip on a boat powered by wind and sails on the ocean.
Hear a wolf howling.
See the Northern Lights.
Visit a remote island in the tropics and live a meditative life on the beach for a while.
Vegas, baby! Not for the gambling, just to see all the glitter and lights and catch a show or two like Blue Man Group.
Tour Italy.
See Venice.
See the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.
See the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.
Visit the Louvre.
Visit England and stay at some of the places my ancestors lived.
Visit Machu Picchu and climb up to it with llamas packing our gear.
See one of the Myan pyramids.
See Everest. I don’t want to climb her, I would just like to stand at her base and see the top.
While I’m in that part of the world, see Angkor Wat.
Visit Thailand and eat all the wonderful and interesting food. Except bugs and larvae, don’t want to try that.

And now for the ones I have accomplished:

The helicopter ride…when I was living in Noonday, TX, one evening I heard the sound of a helicopter coming really close, like in my backyard, and I went outside to see what was going on. Turns out one one of my neighbors was doing aerial photography from a helicopter and it was landing in a backyard a few houses down. Several people from the neighborhood showed up to see what was going on and after some discussion, the pilot offered to take me up for a short ride. Of course I accepted. It wasn’t long, 15 minutes or so, but it was really cool. I got to see where I lived from the air. (This was in the day before the internet, much less Google Earth)

SCUBA dive…after I divorced the first husband that I lived in Noonday with, I got a nice cash settlement. A year and a half later, I signed up for a resort vacation in Mexico near Puerto Vallarta. One of those all inclusive vacations. One of the extras was a diving excursion in a remote cove accessed by local fishermen. It was incredible! Turns out at that time, you didn’t have to be a certified diver to go down, just had to have some training in a pool and be with an experienced diver with no more than 2 people per dive master.

The whale watching trip had a sad undertone. My mom had passed and she was cremated. My dad and I took a trip to spread some of her ashes in Washington State on Mount Ranier and in the Hoh Rainforest. One of the things we signed up for on this trip was a whale watching trip. I told him this was one of the things I always wanted to do and he agreed so I booked the trip. We ended up spending the whole day on the water, and seeing two groups of humpback whales. We even went into Canadian waters to find them. It was one of the best days of my life.