Reader’s Digest 

I got a Reader’s Digest magazine in the mail today, one of those things where they send you a copy hoping to get you to subscribe. 

My parents got the magazine for many years and I enjoyed it. 

I haven’t even started reading it and I know I probably won’t subscribe. 

Back in the day, the front cover was a copy of some work of art. The back cover told you about it, who created it and why it was important. This one…a cartoon graphic about one of the title stories. Some kind of “life hack” story. You know, one of those things that tells you what you need to know and do different so life is better, supposedly. 

Flipping through, the pages used to be slick magazine paper, like this was important and you would be better off and more knowledgeable when you read it. Now, it feels like cheap newsprint. Like one of the gossip rags at the checkout. 

Yes, I’ll read it. But they will have to REALLY impress me with content to get me to read another one. Unless they send it for free too.