Idiocy, panic and the coming apocalypse 

A hurricane, with the same name as an invisible rabbit hit Texas recently. And we were doing ok, even with the current president coming to visit and making it all about him “what a turnout, good luck Texas”.
Sunday night, I  heard something on the news about the gas refineries on the Texas coast shutting down for a week or so driving gas prices up so I told my hubby he might need to go top my tank off before prices started going up, and he did. This was at $2.19 a gallon.

Next couple of days, status quo. I drive by a small gas station on my way to work, they usually keep an average price and don’t bounce around matching prices to the penny. Monday, still $2.19 a gallon. Driving to work Wednesday, I notice it’s $2.43 a gallon. Going home for lunch, it’s $2.59 a gallon. And after work…same price as at lunch but all the pumps have plastic bags on them saying gas is out, all gone.

I’ve heard stories, seen posts on Facebook about long gas lines that go around the block and people actually fighting over getting gas. In the city I live in. And we are a four hour drive from Houston.

The gas is still there, people. There is over a year of supply in the reserve. The only reason gas is running out is because people are acting the fool and acting like it’s all running out NOW.

And now that all the gas stations are out of gas, it’s going to take much longer than usual to get them all filled up again because there are only so many trucks that can only supply so many gallons to them so prices will only continue to climb.

And I’m sitting smug on a full tank that will keep me going for two weeks if I use it like normal and longer if I ration it.