Dear Summer,

We need to talk. Fall is making her yearly debut in a few days and that means it’s time for you to set your sights southward. That means no more 100+ degree days, the sun needs to let up on his intensity. Stop driving him so hard. It’s time to slack off and direct your attention to the Southern Hemisphere. 

We thought your attention had gone a couple of weeks ago when you let a cool front slip by and it rained a bit. But NO… you had to go and slap some more heat on us again. 

Don’t you hear it? The South is calling. Argentina is waiting, Australia is looking for you. Rio, well, Rio waits for no one, but she might miss you. 

So, drift on down to the land down under and let us have some cool weather for a bit. Don’t worry, we’ll want you back in six months or so. But make us wait until then. We’ll still be here. 

Buh bye.