Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

We visited Big Bend again during Christmas and one day I had to myself, I went into the park to walk the Burro Mesa pouroff trail. I pretty much had it to myself. It was quiet, I only heard one bird singing. My tinnitus is bad enough that it’s all I could hear besides the bird. I found an app for my phone that measures decibels, I opened it and the volume level was at 28 decibels.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

We visited the Big Bend area last fall and as you remember our government had decided to shut down everything because some childish people who were supposed to be running the country decided to throw a temper tantrum and bring everything to a grinding halt.
We were hoping to get into the national park but weren’t sure if we would get the chance. The National Park system was one of the agencies closed for business. Rumors started flying around Terlingua and Study Butte about the park being opened and sure enough, when we were having coffee one morning, we found out the park was OPEN! We headed directly up to the basin and to the Window trailhead.
We were the first people to go down the trail since the government shutdown. It was kind of surreal, knowing this trail had not had a human footprint on it in weeks. Many animal tracks though.
Adding to the dream-like quality of the hike, low clouds had turned into drifting fog in the winds around the Chisos Mountains. As we neared the Window, the fog got thinner and more ragged. This picture was taken near the middle of the hike. By the time we reached the Window, the fog was gone. It was still a magical hike. As we walked out, we saw deer tracks where they had walked over our tracks going in.