Garden philosophy 

My cousin Larry waxes philosophical at times and this was one of the times he made a lot of sense. Well, he’s my first cousin, once removed. But anyway. Here’s his thinking. 

I’m not sure where this is going, but here goes. I hope you will read it through, as I would be interested in your thoughts and feedback.
Today while working the garden, I noticed a number of plants growing several rows away from where they were planted – some in the spaces between rows, some several rows away, and others outside the fence completely – a result of the standing water washing seeds away during the storms. My immediate response was to dig them up and transplant them back in the proper rows. But then my mind started wandering (for those of you who know me – imagine that !! LOL) Why couldn’t I just leave them alone? Why can’t carrots grow in the middle of the bean patch? Who says harm would come from the jalapeno plants growing in amongst the watermelon and cantaloupe? Why must they be separated and only exist beside their own kind?
Now I’m lost in today’s world, for sure. Black lives Matter, All lives Matter, Confederate flags and Sam Houston’s statue, the Mexican flag in the Stock show parade, the straight and the gays, the Muslims and the Christians, Democrats Republicans and independents, Trump supporters vs. Clinton supporters – and it goes on and on and on. All of us different and living for so long in our little “boxes” and never the twain shall meet. Then all of a sudden there were some storms and we are all mixed together in this world – and for some reason all hell has broken loose. Why can’t we get all mixed together and survive, respecting each other and even helping and enriching all our surroundings? The way God intended his “garden” to be ??
I started looking around me and what did I see? The horses and goats in the same pasture eating from the same hay bales. The wildflower patch with as many as ten types of flowers all thriving mixed together with no order of any kind. The sparrows, cardinals, mockingbirds, morning doves, and blue jays were all feeding from the same feeder – perched side by side with no infighting or shoving for dominance. Even my spice garden with all sorts of spices spreading amongst each other with no negative results whatsoever.  
When are we going to finally shed our protective armor of ignorance and reach out and accept and respect each other and learn to live together on the same planet? We don’t belong in any particular box or row no more than my veggies do. We can all live together without problems if we would just get over our need to be “the only one” in this row. We don’t have to be with our own kind. Who knows? We might even enhance each other’s lives for the better.  
My mind was made up. The carrots could stay in the bean patch and I was sure they wouldn’t attack each other in the middle of the night. And the jalapenos remain mixed in with the watermelon and cantaloupes – I’m sure the watermelons won’t be hot and spicy nor will the peppers have a juicy sweet flavor. If they can get along, so can we !!
Now the big question remains – Why can’t some woman or man living in today’s world step forward and make the entire nation (or even the entire world) aware of such a possibility? God’s garden would not only survive, but it would thrive and provide a harvest like mankind has never seen before. Pray with me for a leader who has the wisdom and the ability to make this message known to everyone. It is actually so simple – it just might work !!