Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend 2

Kitty mind meld. My friends Lucky and Abby.  Lucky was a neighborhood feral cat we tamed and once we started feeding, he never looked back. Abby was a shelter rescue that I claimed mere hours before she was to be euthanized. She spent some of her life on the streets, hence the clipped ear, and she knows where she has it good. 

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For the good of your health, Get A Pet!

As if we need an excuse to have a pet, here’s actual medical reasons to have a furry companion. Especially for seniors (you know who you are.)

Bark Time = everything and nothing

*By Gemma Harling

You may think being a pet owner is stressful, dogs chew up their beds (and everything else), rabbits dig holes and cats, well, they are plotting to rule the world so are basically uninterested in doing what you want them to do. But, what may actually surprise you is that pets are actually good for your health.

Of course there is the physical benefit of taking dogs for a walk, chasing an escaped rabbit and the occasional game of hide and seek with a hamster, but the health benefits of pets go way beyond this.

Pets have been proven to lower your blood pressure, the stroking of a pet is a relaxing activity that keeps a person calm and stops their blood pressure getting out of control. Plus, if it is a person that has made you mad you could all stroke the cat in a Bond…

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sleeping Critter

cream and gray
pile of fur in my lap.
sleeping quietly,
twitching toes,
chin turned up
pink toe pads,
lips and nose.
Critter sneeze!
awake now.
content to be scratched
behind the ears,
under the chin.
furry smile,
eyes squeezed shut
with pleasure.
rumble purr,
happy cat.
joy should be so easy to find
warm lap: heaven,
a good scratch: bliss.
walking the floor,
yellow-green eyes
looking for the next
empty lap.