Instant pot adventures

This year for Christmas, neither my husband nor I could come up with anything to get me. He threw a bunch of ideas out and I shot them all down. I tried floating ideas and they all sunk. Finally, in not quite desperation, but decided unenthusiasm , I proposed he get me a 3 quart instant pot.
I’ve tried cooking a few things and some have been successes, some needed tweaked and it’s a learning process.
For starters, this 3 quart pot is smaller than the standard pot so all recipes need reconsidered for size and cooking times. Hence the tweaking of recipes.
The first thing I tried was ham and split pea soup. Absolute success. Guaranteed I will do it again. Recipe to follow at another time.
I tried meatballs. It worked but my sealing ring now smells of oregano. Strong smells and seasonings tend to impregnate the sealing ring. Fortunately, the pot comes with two rings.
Next, hard cooked eggs. Here comes the tweaking part. Using the instructions for a bigger pot, the eggs cracked and didn’t cook enough for my taste. If you like the yolk not quite done on the center, then by all means do refrigerator temperature eggs for 4 minutes. If you want them done to make deviled eggs, set the eggs out and let them come to room temperature and then do the 4 minute eggs.
Tonight I attempted baked potatoes. My mother made baked potatoes in her pressure cooker. I know it doesn’t work the same, but I googled instructions. And a fail. I cooked two potatoes 15 minutes and let the pressure slowly release for 10 minutes. Still hard in the middle. Microwaved them for another 4 minutes or so each. This is a work in progress.
I will keep you posted on successes and failures and works in progress.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

I always thought it extremely unlikely that I would get to meet my favorite tv chef in person but that happened several years ago at a Macy’s in north Dallas on Christmas Eve weekend. My sweet hubby didn’t even fuss about having to circle the mall parking lot for I don’t know how long to find a parking place.

This is me meeting Rick Bayless and getting a book signed by him. 😍 I don’t remember the name of the event photographer so I can’t give him credit and I’m sorry about that. We watched a cooking demonstration and got to sample the dishes he was cooking. I was giddy for days.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

I’m a fan of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. 

I was planning a trip with my dad last spring to Biloxi. A friend from work recommended a place to eat on our way called Darwell’s Cafe in Long Beach which is next door to Biloxi. We were in the right area for lunch, so I made it a plan to stop at this place. Got there and found out it was a place featured on the show. We got what Guy got and it was a revelation. I already knew I liked grits, but I didn’t know yet that cheese grits and shrimp would take it up to a new level. Yowza. 

The picture with the poster was a bonus