The adventure continues

It’s been a year now since I started this adventure. Sometimes seems like forever, sometimes yesterday. But you’ve heard that before.
When I started, I never thought I would find over 100 kindred souls that would follow me, but I know a lot of you are along for the ride for my photos, and I have been lax for a bit. I need to get back to that soon. And I will.
What I didn’t expect was the community. I have made friends and found people to follow that are interesting. I have found a few Facebook friends here too. Sometimes there’s just more to say than what Facebook has space for.
It’s also a good place to share the adventure of my travels and find out what kind of travel adventures you are having.
So, let’s continue the adventure.

Six things

Next game on Facebook,
Get a number from one to 10 and you have to give facts about yourself your friends might not know about you but would find interesting. I got the number 6. So, here goes…

1. I have two tattoos., both dragonflies.
2. I have a college degree, Associate of Arts, in Art. You see how useful it has been to me. Well, I do take good pictures.
3. I have written a lot of poetry.
4. I am a voracious reader
5. I like to grow my own food, just don’t have the yard for it.
6. I wish I could keep chickens.

Now your challenge is tell me something about you in the comments. 🙂