Viewing the upcoming solar eclipse

I ran across this picture today, I took it back sometime in the 80s. I remember where I lived and that it was summer I think, but I don’t know what year it was. 

You know how all those spots of light under the trees are always round? Notice that these aren’t? The roundness you normally see is the shape of the sun. The spaces between the leaves act as a camera obscura and project the shape of the sun. When it is being eclipsed, the shape changes, like all these crescents. 

You can do this yourself, with two pieces of cardboard. Make a round hole in the center of one and let the sun shine through it onto the other. 

Or you can just go outside under a tree and watch the shapes of the light under it. 

Remember, even when it seems dark enough to look directly at the sun, you can still suffer eye damage by looking at it except during the moment of complete totality of the eclipse.