Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

One night at art night, there was paint that needed used up and a cloth shower curtain that was the recipient of the paint. Three of us got messy, spreading paint around, it ended up everywhere. This is my hand with paint, who knew I have a heart shaped hollow in the palm of my hand?


Photo Challenge: Fun!

Every Friday night, I get together with a group of women and make art. This gathering is hosted by Junanne Peck of Black Crow Press. We’re usually involved in printmaking of some sort. ¬†One evening, she announced she had some mostly used acrylic paints she needed to use up. She had a white cloth shower curtain to use and started squirting paint on it and told us to get to work. What better to work with than our hands?

We had lots of fun smearing paint around. Who knew I had a space in the middle of my hand that was heart shaped?

2016-04-01 20.13.26-2



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