Tasty Tuesday May 12

It’s just about berry season and what’s better for dessert than fresh berries, simply treated. 
I found one of Jacques Pepin’s old cookbooks for two bucks at Half Price Books, this one is called Cooking with Claudine, a season where he did cooking shows with his daughter. I love his simple, elegant recipes. This one is one of them. 

Blueberries au Citron

1 lemon
1/4 cup maple syrup (the Great Value syrup at Walmart is made by Vermont Farms and just as good) 
12-18 oz fresh blueberries

Using a zester, take short strips of peel off the lemon all the way around. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze to get about 2 tablespoons of juice. 
Mix the lemon zest, lemon juice and maple syrup in a bowl big enough to hold the berries. 
Rinse the blueberries, removing and discarding any damaged or unripe berries, drain well and add to the syrup mixture. Mix well and refrigerate for at least one hour before serving. 
If there’s any leftovers, they add even more taste to anything you would add blueberries to…I used them in some oatmeal and they brought it to a gourmet level. 

So, say something.

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