True story

Time stopped today

I have a bird feeder in the back yard and it’s not unusual to see birds flitting on and off of it, cardinals and chickadees. The chickadees rarely stay on it longer than the few seconds it takes to grab a seed and it’s not unusual to see a cardinal poking around in the grass below it for dropped seeds. The birds are all very active and never seem to stop moving.
Today, a little before 3:30, I looked out and saw a chickadee on the feeder and a female cardinal on the ground. As soon as I spotted them though, they froze. Stopped moving completely. I watched, they did not move. I watched longer, not a feather moved. I moved from the door to the kitchen window…no movement from either bird. I was starting to think I was in a science fiction movie. I looked for other things moving…yes, here a blade of grass moved in a breeze, the wind chime chimed. The clock was ticking. Then it struck the half hour.
I stood there for a good five minutes and the chickadee did not move AT ALL. The female cardinal moved her head a tiny bit a few times.
I was wondering what on this Earth was happening that would cause two wild birds to stop moving during daylight hours. For more than five minutes.
I checked the water in the fountain basin for signs of an earthquake. The water was still except for a tiny ripple caused by the breeze.

Then I started feeling like I had to break their trance somehow.
I stepped nearer the door so they could see me and the cardinal flew off. The chickadee was still frozen though. I watched another minute, and no movement.
I opened the door and walked out toward the feeder. It wasn’t until I was halfway to the feeder that the chickadee suddenly saw me, turned it’s head and then flew off, scolding me with every breath.
I halfway expect to turn on the news tonight and see we’ve had another massive earthquake and tsunami somewhere or some other disaster of equal or greater magnitude.

I’m still a little creeped out.


So, say something.

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