Fame waits

I hear a train whistle blow
cold and lonely ,
Freight moving late in the night.
I snuggle under the wam blankets
And think of you on the road,
Headed to the next place where fame awaits.
Following your dream down the road,
Never quite catching up to it.
You call me and tell me,
I miss you, and I love you, and…
It’s all about the next gig,
The next rodeo, the next honky tonk,
That’ll be the one where you’re discovered.
You left me behind,
to listen for the echo of your dreams,
Sounding like the lonely whistle
Of the train.
It’s been so long since you were here
I stopped waiting.
I’ll be the one they ask
When they ask what ever happened to you.
And if you do make it big someday?
Write a song for me,
So I can say I was the one he left behind.
I’ll always hear your voice
In the lonely whistle of the train,
moving away from me.