Because Dragonflies

Because dragonflies
Dragonfly hand

When I got my first new quality digital camera, a Canon Rebel, I was at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I was walking around one of the wild areas with little ponds and a creek. I felt something land on my shoulder, a dragonfly. I pointed the camera at it and it flew off. It circled and landed on my wrist. I was able to take several pictures of it as it walked down my wrist to my hand. It was a Green Skimmer, I learned later. I told it after I got several pictures, it could fly away now and it did.
I had an uncle who passed away, and for reasons I won’t get into here, I memorialized his passing with a dragonfly tattoo.
I have gotten several good pictures of dragonflies, and always thank them when I get the picture. I always consider it a good omen to see one. When my dad and I were in New Orleans, I knew dinner at Chartres House was going to be good when a dragonfly zoomed into the courtyard, circled, and flew off. It was telling me this was the right place to be right now. My Dad told me it was one of the best meals of his life.
A friend of mine was wanting me to produce a booklet of my poems I could sell at his booth at a pen show which evolved into me using my photos to make greeting cards. The name I came up with was Dragonfly’s Dance Designs which has evolved into Dragonfly’s Dance Photography.
And then I started this blog, and that seemed to be the right name for it too.
And here we are.


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