Travel, part 2

Travel planning

Ok, we’ve gone over packing and getting ready for the trip. Now, we’re getting ready for the airport.
Check in to your flight from home, visit the airline’s website and follow the instructions. Again, print out all documents.
When getting dressed, don’t wear any shirts with metal decorations or jeans with metal studs. You will have to go through a couple of extra security screenings with things that show up on the x-ray machines.
The airport will tell you to arrive at the airport 2 1/2 hours before departure. There is some leeway with this, at Denver airport, for example, there are two entry points for the whole airport. You will need most of this time. During busy flight times, you will need extra time. During slow times, not so much. It’s better to be early than late, though.
You will need to have a government-issued ID with your picture on it and your boarding pass. Have them both in your hand when approaching the security checkpoint. Wear shoes easy to get off and on and be ready to spill it all out in trays at the security checkpoint. Carry on bag in one, shoes, purse or wallet, EVERYTHING in your pockets in another. Follow the directions and if you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask, there are plenty of people there to ask and they would rather answer questions than have to pull you aside and ask more questions.
DO NOT have bottles of water in your bag, but you can carry an empty refillable bottle and fill it at a water fountain in the airport past security and have them to drink on the plane.
Then, locate your departure terminal and stay within earshot of the PA so you can hear the boarding call, board the plane, find your seat, stow your carry on, and enjoy your flight. 🙂


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