Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top 2

I came home one afternoon after having left Critter (his actual name) outside when I left. He didn’t immediately come when I called but I wasn’t too concerned, cats do that. In a few minutes, I started hearing him meow. I opened the back door….no cat. Opened the front door…no cat. The meows were getting a little more frantic so I went outside into the yard. Meow coming from above me? I looked up, and there he was. He had climbed a tree, jumped on to the roof and then forgot how he got there. The back porch roof sloped down within my reach, so I coaxed him there and lifted him down.

He likes to climb ladders, so when my hubby gets on the roof, we have to watch the ladder to make sure he doesn’t get stuck up there again.

And yes, I made him suffer a few minutes more so I could go back inside and get the camera and take a picture.


So, say something.

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