The Trickster

The trickster

March is the trickster this year, Coyote has taken over the weather. The old saying about March is “in like a lamb, out like a lion, or the opposite, meaning if it comes in with nice weather, it will go out with nasty weather.

This year, it came in with a beautiful day, sunny and 80 degrees on the first. On the second, we had freezing temperatures, sleet and snow. Just enough sleet on the roads to cause more than a few incidents on slippery roads.
There was a nice lead up at the end of February too, some warm days that seduced the Bradford pears into showing out for the sun and popping open their white flowers only to be overcome by frost, turning the bright white flowers into brown tatters.

The Sun and Old Man Winter have been battling it out all month with Spring slowly beating back the ice and frosts. The weatherman just said he thinks we have had the last freeze of the season.
It’s time to go buy plants now.




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