Suddenly, spring

Suddenly, one day
I look up
and find a green haze
over the tree limbs,
where all was brown and grey before,
I notice buds swelling
on what were bare twigs.
One day I feel
a warm softness in the air.
still a touch of chill
but gentler, with less bite.
I see delicate, winged things
swarming with new life.
I hear the birds singing
with longer days,
song exuberant, full of life,
singing of things to come.
I notice a smell, full and earthy,
the smell of green and growing things.
Time to stir up the earth
and plant seeds full of hope.
Yellow daffodills are showing their faces
with the warmth of the afternoon sun.
Spring snuck up on me,
Suddenly, one day.


So, say something.

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