I am tired

I am tired of where I work.
I am tired of epidemic stupidity and ignorance, the overnight managers claim they don’t have time to teach the new hires how to read the shelf tags…..I’m sorry, they don’t have time NOT to teach them.
I am tired of people who don’t know how to stock the shelves correctly.
I am tired of children young people that have never been taught how to use the stuff between their ears to figure things out. If you’re old enough to hold a job, you should be old enough for deductive reasoning.

i am tired of people who don’t care enough to do their job right even if they know how.
I am tired of sorry people. People who decide they don’t want something, no matter what it is, and throw it on the nearest shelf. I have taken countless dollars worth of stuff to claims because it was thrown on a shelf and got warm and spoiled.
I am sick and tired of screaming children. If the baby is colicky, get someone else to look after it while you go to the grocery store. If your child is prone to meltdowns, don’t take them to the store. If you can’t control your child, don’t come in my store at any time.
I am tired of sorry parents. If all you can do to your child is scream and cuss at them, don’t ever expect any better than that back from them.
I am tired of the parents that, when their child trashes the toys section, just turn their head and walk away. Really??? Does the kid get to do that at home?? Really???
I am tired of the thieves. Do you really think we didn’t see you eating those chicken wings from the deli and throwing the bag of bones behind things on aisle 20? Or see your kid opening that bag of gummy bears and dropping them all over half of the store? You DO know that is stealing, right?
I am really tired of the people who come in and steal half the makeup in the store for a crime ring that sells them at the beauty college or Traders Village below our cost because they didn’t pay anything for them. They will come in and clean out $1500 of makeup in 30 seconds and then come back for more. And they’re just clever enough to not get caught until they have taken several tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise from multiple stores. And when that ring is busted, another slides into it’s place.
I am tired of working for a company whose only concern for me is how to get maximum productivity for minimum money. If they thought they could get rid of me easily, they would, and then hire two people for what they’re paying me.
I am tired of working for a company whose greed and need for ever more profit has robbed it of any shred of human decency that is not required of it by law, and is ever working to find ways around the law.
I am sick and tired of being a wage slave. If I quit and go somewhere else, I lose half my pay, all my vacation and likely health insurance for a while despite what the president has said.

I am so tired.

8 thoughts on “I am tired

  1. I completely agree. Sad thing is if you go elsewhere for a job, it probably won’t be any better, unless you get out of retail. People are self-centered and inconsiderate everywhere. The world has gone crazy. Standards and morals are getting lower and lower. Maybe it’ll get better one day. It seems like things have gone down hill ever since the liberals kicked God out of schools and the government and Christmas and the public arena. What this country needs is to bring God back, and not the Islamic god, the true God.

    • I agree with you about retail.
      I do though, believe we all worship the same God, we just do it in different ways with different beliefs.
      Interesting fact—it is NEVER the Muslim shoppers who behave badly.

      • Didn’t mean to sound preachy. You don’t have to post that. I enjoyed talking to you at the store about your dream home and getting off the grid. That’s my dream too. I think you’re closer to acquiring yours. Hope you can get there and get out of the rat race. See ya soon. 🙂

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