Grilling excellence

Rib rub

Brian is still raving about the ribs I cooked last night. I give credit to the rub I made and put on them an hour or so before cooking. I got the recipe from Weber’s Big Book of Grilling.
It’s called Al Roker’s Rub.

1/4 cup dark brown sugar (I only had light brown sugar but oh well)
2 T kosher salt (couldn’t find kosher at Central Market’s bulk spices so I used another coarse-ground salt)
2 T freshly ground pepper (yes, freshly ground makes a difference)
2 T adobo sauce
1 T paprika
1 T chili powder
2 t cinnamon
2 t ground allspice
Mix it all together in a bowl. I let it sit for several hours for the flavors to blend and when I opened the container to rub the ribs, the smell was great.
Press the rub all over the ribs and cook low and slow.

We also had stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeños which were awesome. You can find the recipe for that here:


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