Lovely dream

Lovely dream

It didn’t start out that way. I was part of a small group, maybe a dozen people, touring a ship docked in a tropical harbor. The crew were on shore leave so it was the captain showing us around. She was an old sailing ship, dating from the 1800’s, that had been turned into a research ship. She was very elegant, still having the Victorian-era furnishings.
There was a tsunami and everybody grabbed the nearest railing, mast, rigging and held on for dear life but the captain was swept off the ship and drowned and the ship was swept out to sea.
The captain’s girlfriend had managed to stay with the ship but she was so distraught at his loss, two or three days out, she slipped off the ship during the night to join him in the deeps.
The ship (and I don’t remember her name) had just received provisions so we didn’t have to worry about food or water for a while and we learned how to sail her. George Clooney was on board and got voted Captain, probably because everybody already knew who he was and if he could direct a movie, he could probably direct a ship. I ended up First Mate.
Things settled into a routine, everybody had their duties, and they rotated, and when they were done, you could do whatever you wanted whether it was to read, work on the research being done on the ship, or just sit and watch the water go by. A couple of days out, I ran across the communication room. We had satellite phone and with it, internet feed and once I turned on the router, we all had wifi. Life was beautiful.
We sailed the world over, visited ports of all kinds. In one port, huge crabs were everywhere so we had a crab boil, I think that was Dungeness, Washington, it was cool and green there, and I had a pair of quilted neon orange pants that I wore. There was another place we were that had been raining tremendously and we saw a landslide happening but got the ship turned in time to ride out the wave.
Then there was a cat scratching at the door wanting to come curl up with me and woke me up. Darn cat.


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