Sunflower 2

Why I started this thing you may ask?

It seemed I have more to say than Facebook really shares. You know, that long, rambling thought that keeps going until you end up somewhere other than where you started? Or have a story to tell that needs more than the 2-3 sentences anybody will read? Or you just wanted to share something you found interesting or something you did or somewhere you went.

Or, you want to just throw something out there to anybody that wants to read it or look at it beyond your circle of Facebook friends. This does get posted via link to Facebook, but it’s also out there for anybody in the world that wants to read it or look at the pretty pictures. I don’t blog under my actual name just so the trolls can’t follow me home, hopefully. I haven’t had trouble so far, but I haven’t been here long.

It also seems like Fridays are my day to post. That’s when the new Weekly Photo Challenge comes out and also the day I have with some quiet time to see what’s going on and throw something out there. I do work on thoughts during the week if I have a couple of wits left to me when I get home from work but that’s not every day. It’s also a little easier to post from the PC than from the mobile devices. That’s where Dropbox comes in. A convenient service that lets you share between devices and even people if need be.

This is also a very interesting community where I can find many things of interest to read and look at. I have a couple of favorites that I follow that every post gets read with great joy and anticipation for the next one. Freshly Pressed gives me an introduction to all sorts of new people to read and follow. So, I’m not just giving to the community, I’m getting even more from it than I ever thought I would. I have 53 followers now, even though, with one or two exceptions, YOU are a silent lot…..I really would like more comments.

So, if you really do make it all the way to the end of this, please leave a comment. Or if you’re reading this as a link on Facebook, leave a comment on the link there.


So, say something.

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